Taking the Mystery Out of Insurance

--- Linda McHenry ---

Because clueless is a dangerous place to be, my guests and I take the subject of insurance and break it down into simple language, sharing concepts that help you and your clients avoid the pitfalls of confusion and misunderstanding. For more information about me and my podcasts and YouTube channels, visit LindaMcHenry.com. Linda
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 17: Confidence is a Choice

    In this week's podcast, I talk about how a business person's level of confidence can determine how successful the outcome of a sales or customer service transaction can be. How confident are you? ...


  2. Episode 16: Prepare Your Policyholders for Hurricane Season

    Tips and resources to ensure your property insurance policyholders are adequately protected during hurricane season. ...


  3. Episode 15: Guest, Pam Reihs Talks about Continuing Education During the COVID Pandemic

    This week, my guest is Pam Reihs, Vice President of Continuing Education and Certification Training at A.D. Banker & Company. Pam talks about the challenges of continuing education (CE) exam proctoring and license renewals in light of the shelter-in-place orders during the COVID pandemic. ...


  4. Episode 14: How to Earn Customer Loyalty

    Loyalty has to be earned. None of us is automatically entitled to trust and loyalty. In this episode, I lay out the major ways to earn customer loyalty. ...


  5. Episode 13: Do You Know the Rules About Flying Drones?

    Regardless of the reason for flying a drone--recreational, business, governmental, or educaitonal--ALL drone flights are subject to federal regulations. Most states have also enacted drone regulations. In this episode, I give you a quick rundown of the major rules and regulations you need to share with your clients--in both personal ...