Taking the Mystery Out of Insurance

--- Linda McHenry ---

Because clueless is a dangerous place to be, my guests and I take the subject of insurance and break it down into simple language, sharing concepts that help you and your clients avoid the pitfalls of confusion and misunderstanding. For more information about me and my podcasts and YouTube channels, visit LindaMcHenry.com. Linda
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 12: COVID, the Insurance Industry, and Our Crystal Balls

    In this week's episode, I talk about COVID and insurance ... but more about what I believe we need to consider for the future rather than about what is happening today. ...


  2. Episode 11: How Does Homeowners Insurance Work When Working From Home?

    More and more people are working from home, thanks to the COVID pandemic. Do you and your clients know about all the business exclusions in the homeowners policy? Have you been giving your commercial clients the right advice about extending their own coverage to employees working from home? ...


  3. Episode 10: Taking Your Insurance on Vacation

    How, exactly, does your clients' follow them when the go on vacaction? Is their property insured all over the world? What happens if they crash that boat they rented? I answer these, and other questions in Episode 10. ...


  4. Episode 9: Are You Naming Those Beneficiaries Properly?

    This week, I explain the beneficiary designation in life insurance policies, and tips for making sure they're written correctly. ...


  5. Episode 8: Legal Liablity and the Pandemic

    How will insurance policies respond to lawsuits alleging a business is responsible for the spread of coronavirus? The answer hinges on legal liability. ...