Taking the Mystery Out of Insurance

--- Linda McHenry ---

Because clueless is a dangerous place to be, my guests and I take the subject of insurance and break it down into simple language, sharing concepts that help you and your clients avoid the pitfalls of confusion and misunderstanding. For more information about me and my podcasts and YouTube channels, visit LindaMcHenry.com. Linda
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 7: The 9 Steps to Achieving Success

    Here's my take on the biggest keys to achieving your goals and success ... and why my tagline is "Clueless is a dangerous place to be." ...


  2. Episode 6: Barb Gavitt Talks Insurance Licensing in a Pandemic

    Barb Gavitt, Vice President of Product Development and Education at A.D. Banker & Company, discusses the licensing challenges securities and insurance professionals have been facing during the COVID-19 pandemic.Barb currently serves as the 2020 presidident of the Securities & Insurance Licensing Authority (SILA). ...


  3. Episode 5: Business Interruption Insurance in a Pandemic

    In this episode, I answer questions about how business interruption coverage works when a business is forced to shut down. Specifically, I discuss what insurance industry experts are saying about the insistence of some state legislatures that insurers pay for ALL business interruption losses, even those not covered by the ...


  4. Episode 4: Rental Cars and Insurance: Are You Giving the Right Advice?

    How do you answer your clients' questions when they ask, I'm renting a car--my policy covers me, right? or I don't need to buy any extra insurance when I rent a car, right? In short, the personal and business auto policies do NOT provide all the coverage your clients need when ...


  5. Episode 3: Matt Medeiros Talks Content Marketing

    Matt specializes in helping businesses and professionals build their branding and online presence. He talks about relationship, websites, blogging, podcasts and more in this week's episode. You can find him online at CraftedbyMatt.com or on Twitter at @MattMedeiros. ...